Thursday, October 06, 2005

Follow-up: Pipe Dream: Ask Questions, Get answers...

Mark Washburn reports on his "Gulf Returns" blog that Ave Maria construction starts .

Good. That's encouraging, actually.

The underlying news article is here at

Among the comments:
Developer Barron Collier Co. of Naples promises the new town of Ave Maria will offer something now rare and valuable in Southwest Florida: housing for low-income workers and young families.

By the fall of 2007, the first homes should be ready for occupancy. At buildout, the town can have 11,000 dwellings.

"A lot of these people are small, kind of entrepreneurial. They have shops, maybe one or two restaurants. They are taking a leap of faith as well," Gable said.

Pulte Homes will be the primary builder for the first three neighborhoods aimed at the luxury, 55-and-older, and young family markets.
Barron Collier itself will develop affordable housing for low-income residents.

Dwellings in Ave Maria will be available at less than $491,000, the median home price in Collier County, he said.

Ave Maria Development itself will develop the more affordable housing, including multifamily as well as houses.

Look at that article, it's really worth your time.

I hope the article truly reflects the actual fervor. Although, the speculation remains as to how well it will pan out.


At 11:43 AM, October 07, 2005, Anonymous q.e.d. said...

Yes, and all that wonderful low-income and young family housing will be snapped-up by the staff and faculty at AMU whose salary was apparently never adjusted after moving from Ypsilanti to Naples. How generous of Uncle Thom! Subsidized housing is an effective way to keep criticism in check on the plantation.


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