Friday, October 07, 2005

Inter-blog Props

Torgo lifts the shovel to hail mention on "Open Book", an Amy Welborn blog.

Of course, Torgo would not have noticed had he not been lurking at Fumare.

Mess is probably correct terminology. It's not a disaster, nor is it a diseased thing yet. Diagnosticians see pathology and then mark clues as to cause. Then, upon seeing similar clues elsewhere, they probe to determine if there is the same cause and if so, what prognosis is, and perhaps to see if there is cure or mitigation.

So, Torgo is not very smart, but Torgo likes to spread all the pieces out on the table and let diagnosticians do their thing. Torgo just asks questions as it happens.

As it stands now, there's a bunch of pieces on the table and just like when one dumps a puzzle box out, it looks like a mess, that's what we have here.

Of course, Torgo dug up a link at AMUGRAD: Gaudentes in Veritate, too.


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