Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Untangling Annotations of a Tautological Yarn

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Greetings Readers,

I'd like to direct your attention to this article: Disputes Among Friends. It appeared in the August edition of the Catholic World News. That publication lists Fr. Fessio on its masthead (note the article mentions "CWR asked Father Fessio—who is the publisher of this magazine, as well as chancellor of the new university—to comment on the these disputes.").

Well, I admire any plan to make Notre Dame's New Rival, however, the internal integrity of a Catholic institution ought to match the words it holds out to the public lest it be seen as a whited sepulchre. After all, you will know them by their fruit. cf. Matthew 7:16, 20 ("Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.") compare Proverbs 1:31 ("Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way, and shall be filled with their own devices.") (I'll leave the last part of this Biblical symbol for the reader to find in Micheas). So far, the fruits have been ravaged lives, the feelings of broken promise, and a bunch of hen clucking. This site is no exception to the hen clucking, but hopes to make some sense of the situation that people may see why Ave Maria Law School has had such strikingly different results (read: fruit). see Ecclesiastes 8:7 ("Because he is ignorant of things past, and things to come he cannot know by any messenger."). There are inconsistencies in the stories we've read and I've pointed out to you, kind reader, in previous posts. This article intends to compare those inconsistencies with comments in the article above.

The article starts a premise:
But when the Ann Arbor township where Domino’s Farms are located refused a request to change the zoning to permit an educational institution, he looked for alternatives, and eventually settled on the new site in Florida, where Ave Maria University is part of a larger plan to develop an entire new town: Ave Maria, Florida.
That premise somewhat agrees with an earlier post you read here on this blog. It's peculiar to see it repeated again in this type of interview, however. That is, until you read the next thought.
During its early days of operation, the critics of Ave Maria University came almost exclusively from secularists or “progressive” Catholics, who were uncomfortable with the prospect of an orthodox Catholic intellectual powerhouse.

Hello? Tacit admission? What were the several years earlier in Ypsilanti, Michigan? No wonder the people in Michigan feel like disposable latex gloves -- even the contributions, personal sacrifices, and energy they spent towards the "original recipe" (you heard it here first) Notre Dame Rival are forgotten. Nice.

First, some faculty and staff members at Ave Maria College in Michigan objected vehemently to plans for the move to Florida, charging that the administration of Ave Maria University was acting unethically—if not illegally—in winding down operations at the Michigan campus.


At 2:51 PM, October 07, 2005, Anonymous Jay McNally said...

This long article in Catholic World Report included many errors of fact, which were pointed out to the editor of CWR. I and others at the Ave Maria College wrote letters to the editor to refute some of Fr. Fessio's falsehoods. (I was director of public relations at both Ave Maria College and Ave Maria University, and an well acquainted with the situation.)

Fr. Fessio is publisher of Catholic World Report, and he refused to allow any of the letters to be published.

More analysis of the duplicity at the Ave Maria educational entities as it was unfolding is available at the Ave Parents web site www.geocities.com/aveparents/

The web site of New Oxford Review also contains many articles about the Ave Maria mess.


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