Friday, March 24, 2006

Alumni Association sets up Feasibility Committee

Torgo wants to post this message.

Torgo suggests that even if alumni contact anyone on the feasibility study, they courtesy copy this committee. Seems like a good idea to have all the stuff copied in one place. Torgo also thinks you should courtesy copy the email address sent by the Dean in his message of yesterday or the day before.

Torgo thinks some issues can not be adequately addressed by this type of feasibility study - such issues include: the moral impact on the fine character of the law school by not performing on promises, by inducing whole careers to be formed around the Michigan institution, and by short changing some people monetarily along the way.

There are other things the feasibility study can report upon: the fitness of Mr. Monaghan to force management of the school, given his public history; the track record of misrepresentations made by the college and how such mixed admin will be perceived in a law school; and, whether current administrative procedures (gag orders, intimidation, and tenure threats) provide a portent of future administration and whether these same policies are permanently damaging the school now in order to create a necessity to move.


Dear Alumni,

Dean Dobranski recently announced that Ave Maria School of Law will be updating the Feasibility Study relating to a possible move of the school to Florida. We know you have strong feelings on this matter, and want to be heard and well-represented in this important decision. To that end, your Alumni Association called an emergency meeting today, March 24, to discuss this issue. We formed a Feasibility Study Committee to ensure Alumni have a meaningful role in the process. We want to be a channel for your thoughts and concerns on the move, and all issues relating to it. The Dean has clarified that his call for input today related only to the type of information to be considered in the Feasibility Study and not opinions on the potential move. Still, this Committee welcomes input of any kind on this topic, and we want to be prepared to present your opinions at the proper time. If you prefer to communicate with the Dean directly, please feel free to copy us (or let us know your thoughts independently), as we want to gather and present a complete picture of Alumni opinions on all aspects of this decision.

Our next regular Alumni Association meeting is April 4, and the Committee will be discussing meaningful proposals for how Alumni expect to be involved in the Feasibility Study process and potential move decision. We will present the appropriate items to the Board of Governors and all of those involved in the Feasibility Study and potential move decision. We want your comments and thoughts on this, and will be sending you regular communications to inform you of where the process stands, and how our feedback to the Administration and Board of Directors is received. Please email any of the Committee Members at the addresses below at any time.

Finally, please pray for this process and for Ave Maria School of Law (and all those associated with it) at this critical time. May our Mother guide us every step of the way to the will of Our Lord.
Thank you,

Mark Roh...
Chair, Feasibility Study Committee

Justin Ber... '03-
Thomas Flic... '03-
Peter Man... '03-
Angela Pfi... '04-


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