Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Good Thing, but with an edge

This past Saturday, Ave Maria Town had Mass celebrated as the cornerstone of the erstwhile-designed tomato hot house, now somewhat more appropriately-designed oratory.
800 people were in attendance...It was also Monaghan’s 69th birthday.

click here for the story in the Naples News.

A good thing. Torgo is always happy to hear about birthday parties and new Churches.

Although, it cannot be called a Church yet:
Ave Maria’s oratory is not considered a church because it’s not part of a parish, and the only sacrament priests can perform is confession.

But there's always an edge to these things:
Monaghan said. “I believe more people will attend Mass at this (chapel) than at any other church in the country.”
“I think there are churches that are bigger when it comes to seats,” Monaghan said. “But this is definitely taller.”

Ambitions aside, this quote was a good one:
Monaghan said. “There will be a Mass morning until night, all day long.”

Torgo cheers that and hopes that at least some of the intentions offered in that Oratory are for the reparation of the harm done to many good people along the path to this venture.


At 2:55 PM, March 28, 2006, Blogger Boko Fittleworth said...

Mass all day long. Is that going to be lots of side altars and no concelebration (yay!)? Or forcing the congregation to sing all twelve verses of On Eagle's Wings during the Offertory (boo!)?

Ie- Many Masses or just a couple interminably long ones?

And the tallest? Is he just counting Catholic churches? What about the Rockefeller Chapel at Coulmbia, which is some thirty stories high? Or even NYC's St. Pat's Cathedral? I'm not crazy (funny word to use when talking about TM) about the shape of the proposed Oratory, but it does appear to be pleasingly proportioned. Are the current pictures as innaccurate as the old ones became after everyone made a stink about the greenhouse appearance?

And more people? Does he know how many people go to St. Patrick's or St Agnes's in NYC just on a weekday? Or the Shrine in DC? Not to mention on a Holy Day of Obligation. They're gonna be pressed just to outdo Steubenville's Christ the King.

I could go on and on, but I've got other comboxes to monitor to see if anyone (Peace, Todd!) has taken the bait I've been setting out.


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