Monday, March 27, 2006

Make More Blogs

Torgo thinks it's time for the AMSOL alumni to each have a blog. Heck, they're free so make two blogs: one for factual reporting, the other for opinion. Maybe even make three, the third being for more information and double posting and cross-linking.

Torgo received these comments from a source that is familiar with the workings of the internerd and serch bots and page ranks:

Be sure to include links to the other blogs in your posts, etc. so that they are cross-linked because google page ranking makes a big deal out of that.

Also, be sure to include search terms, such as "Ave Maria School of Law" or "Ave Maria University" and Naples, FL and Ave Maria Town, Florida and Ann Arbor, Michigan as well as Tom Monaghan or is it Thom Monagham (Torgo gets these names misspelled all the time).

As far as Torgo knows, there is only one other blog that is dedicated to AMSOL/AMSL issues and that is whose amsol.

There are a littering of sites about the college fiasco.

There is another site with AMSOL alumni connections, as well: FUMARE. but FUMARE deals with things eclectic also.

That way, when the inevitible things happen this summer and fall, such as the manufactured problems and the soon-to-occur faculty hits, we can plaster them in cyberspace with opinions and links sowing the world that everyone knew of the farce before it happened.

What's happening in Ann Arbor and Naples is so da*n transparent anyway, so it's not like it should upset anyone that we are here.

Hop to it!


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