Friday, March 24, 2006

One More Thing Needed to Complete the Modus Operandi

Torgo has been thinking of the basic elements common to the signature crime.

While not entirely a necessary component in every instance, it does seem that within a short amount of time, a "problem" will be manufactured that makes moving to Florida appear to be a better choice than staying in Michigan. The operative term is "manufactured problems."

The rest of the elements are complete: 1) some new salvation has been made and is being proclaimed to be the next jerusalem; 2) the heart has been hardened to any reasonable plan of how to make it work without harming people involved; 3) the impending destruction to individuals will be caused by the failure to perform reasonably expected performance; and, 4) the destruction of any criticism or people who speak their mind.

There is of course, no legal problem, or at least a terrible burden of proof issue with this method, but the words meant something when uttered, and people relied on them which at least makes a moral duty.

The fool resists this wisdom, however, for it is written, "And it is much better not to vow, than after a vow not to perform the things promised." Yet, broken vows and the consumption of fidelity induced by empty promises seem to be the method used over and over.

For instance, the insistance on the 250-foot tall structure in a plan, and the burying of the adequate land allegedly offered by neighboring Plymouth, Michigan created the slipshod hoodwink to make the allegedly already planned and designed Florida campus "necessary."

Soon, and Torgo would imagine it will be concurrent or near in time with the next phase of off-loading some more of the Board of Governors, there will be some catastrophe. The resolution to the catastrophe will be conveniently located in Florida.

Such deceit. Such malice. Having seen this pattern in the past in so many other endeavors, mark Torgo's words, the dog returns to its vomit. So it is with the powerful man, who grindeth the poor in his machinery.

The narrower path in this is to make two schools of law and after the younger brings forth its maturity, unite them. But the meal of horrors is apparently needed to make glory for the new child.

Makes Torgo wonder if there is any semblance to the Proverb: "Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way, and shall be filled with their own devices. The turning away of little ones shall kill them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them."


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