Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ouy, I bet they move this one to Carracas

Check out this news story: Ave Maria to take over Nicaraguan college

The operative quote is this:
Once the university takes over, the college expects the curriculum will be streamlined and new programs will be offered, such as a pre-theologate program.

Hmmm. Torgo wonders if that "streamlining" will be anything like the streamlining done to institutions these destroyers got their wretched hands on in Michigan.

Too bad nobody told them the new programs will be offered in another country 4 years from now and that the guts of the acquired will most likely be fleeced and left for dead on the roadside on Mr. Monaghan's ambitions.


At 5:49 PM, March 23, 2006, Anonymous Little Tom said...

The latest (March 6th) news from the Ave Maria College website (
Big Tom is planning a final shindig (no date given) at the Ypsilanti campus (before the movers come to take what's left to Florida?):

Ave Maria College Reunion

Information Itinerary

2 PM - 4 PM: Ave Maria College Open House
A chance for alumni and friends of the College to visit the
campus, see their old rooms, and to reminisce.
All are welcome (including families, children of all ages).

4 PM: Vigil Mass: AMC Auditorium
Closing Mass of the College. All are welcome.

6:30 PM - Midnight: Cocktail Party, Holiday Inn Plymouth
By invitation only. To enter, you must present your e-mail or snail mail
confirmation, and you must have paid in full in advance.


AMC's current students, faculty, staff and graduates are invited to attend this reunion with their spouses. Cost of entrance to the evening Cocktail Party is $5 per person for AMC current students, faculty, staff & alumni and their spouses. In addition, former staff, faculty and degree-seeking students in good standing who completed at least two semesters are welcome to attend. Cost of entrance to the evening Cocktail Party is $20 per person for former students and their spouses. Please Note: Children are welcome to attend the AMC walkthrough and the Mass. However, only nursing infants are welcome at the Cocktail Party. All other Cocktail Party attendees must be 18 years or older.

At 12:44 AM, March 27, 2006, Blogger Thomas said...

it's not TM who's planning that - it's the surviving students/staff/faculty that are left. think TM woud lift a finger for morale on the ypsi campus? think again.


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