Friday, March 24, 2006

Speculation on New Rhetoric: "Problem Faculty?"

Torgo always has Torgo's ear to the ground and sometimes Torgo hears rumblings, other times Torgo hears something in one context that has significance in a different context. Torgo heard some comments in an unrelated discussion that caused some speculation. Apparently, some members of AMSOL administration have begun to refer to so-called problem faculty.

No names, just generalities. A problem faculty would be one the doesn't discharge teaching duties or works against the school. Note the wording: against the school Therein lies the rub. The inference planted with the new rhetoric is that there are faculty participating in some sort of phantasmal sedition. Torgo wonders if somebody's medications need adjusted or if there are stray narcotic fumes wafting about from the Pfizer plant causing delusional rhetoric.

As Torgo understands it, most of the faculty are invested in the school. As such, they'd be working against self interests and future paychecks if they were "problem faculty." Even more intriguing is what this new rhetoric says of the source: being perceived as not towing the line makes one a problem.

The same logic is employed by the mortal sinner who sees the precepts of the Church as being problematic. Perhaps the source of those words needs to reconsider why God puts people where they are. Money does not make one capable of imputing one's self as the object of the charge in the Lord's Prayer, "thy will be done."

Moreover, destroying people who present contrary views or have reservations is consistent with the contraceptive mentality, which seeks to eliminate "problem pregnancies." Alas, even abortion seeks to eliminate inconveniences.

Maybe the ACLU should back off if logic and rhetoric such as this persists. As a personal comment, Torgo is deeply saddened to see people Torgo admired acting with such ignominy.


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