Monday, April 24, 2006

Faculty's Open Letter about Law School

Last week, Torgo understands that the Faculty of Ave Maria School of Law circulated an Open Letter.

Torgo has recieved this copy of the letter and posts it here for you.

An Open Letter to the Ave Maria School of Law Community

After much prayerful consideration, a substantial majority of the faculty has decided that, in light of the ongoing crisis in the Law School and in the interest of open dialogue, we are obligated to inform the Law School community of certain recent actions.

On Wednesday, April 12, 2006, the faculty considered and passed a resolution of “no confidence” in the leadership of Dean Dobranski. The results of the vote were as follows: eleven (11) members of the faculty voted in favor of the resolution of “no confidence”; three (3) members voted against the resolution; two members chose not to participate in the vote; and one member was unable to attend the meeting. The results of the vote, along with a statement of the reasons supporting the vote, were sent to each member of the Board of Governors. The faculty requested a meeting with the Board to discuss the serious issues and concerns raised in the resolution by no later than Tuesday, April 18.

On April 18, 2006, without meeting, consulting, or communicating with the faculty, the Board of Governors sent the faculty the following “unanimous” resolution, which in its entirety read:

Resolution of the Board of Governors
Addressed to the Faculty of AMSL
April 17, 2006

We, the members of the Board of Governors of Ave Maria School of Law, having received and carefully reviewed the materials you provided us on April 12, 2006, do reaffirm our full confidence in Dean Bernard Dobranski and support his strong and effective leadership.

The faculty’s decision to communicate this information was not taken lightly. We believe we offer our students and outstanding legal education—one characterized by a harmony between faith and reason. We believe that to move forward in implementing the Law School’s mission, we must have constructive dialogue regarding the serious issues and concerns raised by a substantial majority of the faculty.

We end by noting that we continue to pray for the Law School and for everyone in the Ave Maria School of Law community. We recall, in particular, the words of the Memorare:

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known, that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought they intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you do I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

Torgo certainly hopes for the best for the AMSoL faculty, staff, and students.

Friday, April 21, 2006

OUCH...So Dobranski is a "Director" at AMU

Torgo went to this free Form 990 search site and found some goodies.

According to the 2002, Ave Maria University, Inc. IRS Form 990, Bernard Dobranski is a Director of the University....


(click the image to see full size)


(click image to see full size)

So much for not being conflicted. So much for a lot of things that were said... (must have had the fingers crossed behind the back).

Solely for the curious. This page was found on the 2003 Ave Maria School of Law Foundation 990.

(click image for larger display).

Torgo will add some more here after some more digging.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Great One condescends on the School

Check out whoseamsol for a discussion on the matter that Miss O'Bierne actually spoke to little people at the school today in order to tell them what to think about reality and how to ignore facts and describe them away as "skewed."

Apparently, she learned those tricks from the old media OR she has a hook, line, and sinker in her mouth. Torgo is unsure.

Torgo is aware that when people contacted her in the past, not about current issues, she was unavailable, so it's nice to see her come to the school and talk to the little serfs directly. It's even better to see how she handles herself.

At any rate, Torgo does not want to demonize her or any other member of the Board, as was suggested is being done, because the apparent lackluster analysis exhibited thus-far indicates an ignorance of the facts or an excellent snow job by Monaghanam. If Torgo were a gambler, the chips would be on the box for the "snow job."

AMSOL Alumni Board Releases Documents

Torgo is sifting through documents emailed by the Ave Maria School of Law Alumni Association Board (AMSoL Alumni Board) today...

Among them are a memo with a bill of particulars, and the resolution passed. As Torgo is able today, information from them will be placed here...


Torgo has not the ability to post directly the documents at this time, however, the Alumni Association Board has released several documents that relay the conversation between the Alumni Board and the AMSoL administration.

Dated Today, April 20, the Alumni Board released a memorandum titled, "Release of Resolution and Bill of Particulars of Board Action" that describes the due authority of the Board and a general timeline leading up to the release. It explains that the information contained within the documents was not to be released until the AMSoL Board of Governors had time to respond, a deadline for which was April 19, at 5:00 pm. There was no communication with the Alumni Board at that time -- i.e., the time had passed.

[placeholder: Alumni Board Memo 4-20-06 release]

Coincidentally, several members of the Alumni Board had been approached by a press agent to comment. This press agent said that Dobranski and 2 members of the Board of Governors set times up with her to interview. Torgo finds two problems with this: first, they moved to comment without responding to the direct party, delaying the response until after midnight on the terms. Obviously, an obvious sandbagging by the admin. For shame, treating the Alumni Board as if they were adversaries.

on APRIL 10, 2006, The Alumni Board passed this resolution:
Monday, April 10, 2006
Dear Members of the Ave Maria School of Law Board of Governors:

The splendor of truth shines forth in all the works of the Creator and, in a special way, in man, created in the image and likeness of God (cf. Gen 1:26). Truth enlightens man's intelligence and shapes his freedom, leading him to know and love the Lord.
Pope John Paul II, Veritatis Splendor

Having dedicated ourselves to the conscientious exercise of the moral values taught and reinforced within our legal education at the Ave Maria School of Law, we remain devoted to speaking and defending truth. As the Holy Father wrote, “Truth enlightens man's intelligence...” Mindful of the sterling illustration of moral conviction demonstrated by our patron saint, Thomas More, we embrace the momentous responsibility that befalls us, and we do so with clear consciences, but troubled hearts. As the duly elected representatives of the graduate community of the Ave Maria School of Law, our officially constituted Alumni Association maintains a fiduciary duty to act on behalf of and in the best interests of our fellow alumni and our beloved Alma Mater.

It is in our capacity as members of the Board of Directors of this Association that we write to you today. In keeping with the finest traditions of the legal profession, this Alumni Association must act to ensure that the long-silenced voices of our respected students, revered faculty, and loyal fellow graduates are now heard.

While we recognize and acknowledge the contributions Dean Bernard Dobranski has made to our law school, we can no longer express faith and trust in this Dean’s ability to effectively lead and properly direct the Ave Maria School of Law. Recognizing the escalating leadership crisis that has enveloped the law school community, we must register our grave concern, growing distrust, and lack of confidence in the Dean’s communications, actions, and omissions as set forth in the following Bill of Particulars.

In light of recent leadership failures, as well as the absolute exigency of formal action, and for the reasons set forth in the Bill of Particulars, the Board of Directors of the Ave Maria School of Law Alumni Association communicates the official confirmation of our vote of “No Confidence” in Dean Bernard Dobranski. In taking this action, we call on you, the Board of Governors, to request his resignation or remove him without delay.

This Association also urges the Board to immediately begin the process of securing a new Dean and President who will enjoy the support, confidence, and commitment of students, faculty, staff, and alumni that the present Dean and President no longer commands.

We call on the Ave Maria School of Law Board of Governors to exercise your fiduciary duty to this academic institution and invite the Dean and President to resign or remove him immediately and secure his interim replacement with a majority vote of the Ave Maria School of Law faculty members and in consultation with this body as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. We further call upon you to terminate the feasibility study related to relocating our law school to Florida, either permanently, or at the very least, temporarily until a new Dean, who commands the respect and confidence of students, faculty, and alumni, as well as prospective students, has been seated in accordance with the standards set forth by the American Bar Association.

We respectfully request that such actions be completed at once to return stability to the Ave Maria School of Law community, and to ensure that alumni do not feel compelled to pursue other channels to voice their concerns.

Respectfully submitted,
Ave Maria School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors

That resolution speaks well enough for itself, and noticeably has the deadline date clearly marked.

Attached to the resolution is this BILL OF PARTICULARS:

Bill of Particulars
Nothing conquers except truth, the victory of truth is charity.
– Saint Augustine

WHEREAS Ave Maria School of Law alumni have brought great credit upon this institution through strong Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores, high bar exam passage rates, significant numbers of judicial clerkships, the establishment and financial support for annual student scholarships, aggressive assistance recruiting prospective students, and consistent efforts to help place graduates with permanent employment;

Ave Maria School of Law alumni have distinguished themselves as this very year we led all law schools in the nation in percentage of alumni who participate in annual alumni giving campaigns, and genuinely fear that without new leadership we will fall from first in the nation to among the very worst;

WHEREAS the Dean and President of the Ave Maria School of Law, after promoting AMSL as being on par with top-tier legal institutions for six straight years, failed to produce a respectable initial ranking in the U.S. News and World Report law school rankings. Furthermore, he provided an inadequate response for the school’s unacceptable 4th tier ranking. Stating that he did not realize that AMSL would be ranked this year does not comport with the Dean’s acknowledged fifteen years of experience with this process, his receipt and return of a U.S. News survey including AMSL in the Fall 2005, and U.S. News and World Report’s published standards that unequivocally establish that all fully accredited law schools are ranked annually. There is absolutely no doubt, despite his protestations to the contrary, that the Dean knew, or minimally should have known, of AMSL’s 2006 inclusion in these rankings. Finally, the Dean’s hope to meet with U.S. News and World Report and the proposed attempt to increase the peer assessment portions of the rankings with the creation of a promotional brochure to be sent to the broader legal community next autumn, represent an overdue and inadequate remedial response to a bottom tier ranking;

the Dean and President of the Ave Maria School of Law has stated that the post-tenure review process will be postponed by one year while he develops a new procedure is cause for grave concern about the leadership and stability at AMSL. Faculty members are to play a significant role in determining educational policies, and one component of that role relates to tenure. The timing of this tenure review may be perceived as a threat to members of the faculty of AMSL and is inappropriate, and serves to undermine confidence in the school’s leadership, as well as her policies and procedures not only for tenured professors, but for junior tenure-track professors, as well as candidates to join the faculty. Tenure is a vital component of an academic institution as it seeks to contribute to the common good through its faculty’s exploration of the truth. As such, whether the process is “unworkable” or not, the proffered explanation for this inadequacy was easily foreseen, should have been anticipated, and the instability regarding this important process has had, and continues to have, a deleterious effect on the institution. Moreover, deferring the process by a year until the Dean develops an improved set of procedures appears to raise serious questions regarding American Bar Association Standards: Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools Standards 204(b), 404(a)(3), 404(a), and 405(b), and Interpretation 405-3;

WHEREAS the Dean and President of the Ave Maria School of Law has negligently or purposefully erected artificial barriers to impede any meaningful or productive communication and/or dialogue between the students, faculty, and alumni of this law school and our esteemed Board of Governors, and can no longer be trusted to represent our views as they relate to matters of great consequence to the future of our law school;

WHEREAS the Dean and President of the Ave Maria School of Law has repeatedly failed to satisfactorily explain the removal of Professor Charles E. Rice from the Board of Governors. While his removal was putatively the result of a term-limit amendment, the action was an ex post facto pretense that was not applied uniformly and was inarguably targeted at Professor Rice. Additionally, the subsequent amendment eliminating the position of "Life Governor" to which Professor Rice would have acceded further underscored the personal nature of this action. Furthermore, in the immediate wake of Professor Rice’s removal, the Board approved a second feasibility study concerning relocating the law school to Florida, a move Professor Rice consistently opposed. We condemn the removal and treatment of Professor Rice and the school’s subsequent resistance to alumni efforts to officially recognize his many contributions to the law school and her alumni;

WHEREAS the Dean and President of the Ave Maria School of Law has not voluntarily engaged alumni or satisfactorily explained the decision of the Board of Governors to reopen a feasibility study to explore a proposed move of our law school to Florida. Rather, he has been evasive, elusive, and less than forthcoming regarding this matter, including information related to the timeline established for completion of the feasibility study. The September 2003 Feasibility Study prepared by J.M. Lord and Associates has been not made available to alumni and is specifically available only to students, faculty, and staff on reserve in the library. The study reports, among other injurious conclusions, that in 2003 students cited the administration as a weakness of the school because it was not being truthful about a prospective move; three years later the very same criticism may be renewed by students and alumni alike. With controversial issues associated with such a decision, including significant discontent among faculty, students, and alumni, substantial constitutional concerns in establishing Ave Maria Town, potential problems with an alliance and possible merging with Ave Maria University, and the lack of a scholastic and legal infrastructure near Immokalee/Naples this process
should be terminated immediately. We denounce this development, as well as the Dean's subsequent refusal to engage in any meaningful or constructive dialogue of these issues;

WHEREAS the Dean and President of the Ave Maria School of Law sits on the governing board of AMSL and reportedly the governing body of Ave Maria University as well, and joined with Paul Marinelli, President of the Barron Collier Companies and Nicholas J. Healy, Jr., the President of Ave Maria University, to defend against criticism in the Wall Street Journal concerning the creation of Ave Maria Town and the potential relocation of our law school, further prejudicing the purported independence and impartiality of our Dean and President, as well as our Alma Mater in the public sphere;

WHEREAS the Dean and President of the Ave Maria School of Law has promoted misinformation as it relates to the historical record of the founding of the Ave Maria School of Law:

THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of Directors of the Ave Maria School of Law Alumni Association, that we have “No Confidence” in Dean and President Bernard Dobranski.

We call on the Ave Maria School of Law Board of Governors to exercise your fiduciary duty to this academic institution and request that the Dean and President resign or remove him and secure his replacement without delay. We further call on the Board of Governors to terminate the feasibility study related to relocating our law school to Florida, either permanently, or at the very least, until a new Dean, who commands the respect and confidence of students, faculty, and alumni, as well as prospective students has been retained.

Torgo wonders if Dobranski is still convinced that the things he shoves under the rug truly disappear after three years.

So Torgo wants to be sure you understand something: There was silence from the Board until today (well after the deadline last night) at 1:58 p.m. when the Alumni Board received this note from a Monaghan aide (Torgo wishes to call it an orc, but realizing that this guy is merely doing as he is told, Torgo relents):

Dear Jason -

Enclosed, please find a copy of a letter from Mr. Monaghan, along with a resolution from the AMSL Board of Governors.

Please accept my apology regarding the tardiness of this response. The regular person who usually handles these types of things for the law school was out last week due to a family emergency, so I stepped in to help cover while she was gone. This fact, along with the Easter holiday delayed my processing of this information. I discovered this morning that this resolution had not yet been forwarded to you and the Alumni Board and therefore took the necessary steps to due so.

I apologize about any confusion or misunderstanding my tardiness has caused. Please know that this was not on the part of the Board, but was due to the above circumstances and me.


Until this time, Torgo was under the impression that the lamest excuse in recorded history had been given by Nathan to Moses when he said "I put the gold in the oven and out came a calf..."

Despite the words of this aide, the following Board of Governors resolution was dated two days after the Alumni Board resolution... Thus, Torgo leaves it to the reader to discern whether Monaghanam had an advantage in sandbagging the response, while appointments were made to speak with the press. Torgo is sure that Monaghan plans to say that they timely responded ad nauseam. Torgo also understands that to be lying and would wash such mouths out with soap immediately upon the chance. It was intentionally delayed beyond the deadline -- 10 days past the resolution in order to create the time to formulate a press response, AND in order to be able to say later that they acted in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the action was not the resolution, but in merely talking with the Alumni Board (duh!).

Here is the attached Letter of Thomas Monaghan to Jason Negri:

April 20, 2006

Mr. Jason Negri
AMSL Alumni Association
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Mr. Negri:

On behalf of the Board of Governors of Ave Maria School of Law, I write to inform you of the Board’s response to the Alumni Association Board of Directors’ letter and resolutions dated April 10, 2006. That response is in the enclosed resolution passed unanimously by the Board at a special telephonic meeting.


Thomas S. Monaghan
Chairman of the Board of Governors


NOTE WELL: despite the aide's comments, Monaghan dated his own letter *AFTER* the deadline.

Finally, here is the Resolution of the AMSoL Board of Governors

Resolution of the Board of Governors
April 12, 2006

We, the Board of Governors of Ave Maria School of Law, strongly express our total confidence in Dean Bernard Dobranski in carrying out the mission and activities of the law school.

Unanimously passed at a special meeting of the Board on April 12, 2006 with Dean Bernard Dobranski abstaining.

Eight days later the aide suddenly discovers the resolution? C'mon... and it is released the same day as when Dobranski and 2 BoG members talk to the press.

Do they really think we are that stupid?

Torgo certainly hopes the Ann Arbor News, or some other fine newspaper reads this information before going to press so that it is adequately reflected against the comments (er.. hmm... "spin") the Monaghanam PR-machine will place on it.

To wit, on one other occassion, namely the founding of the school, Dobranski's recollection of events curiously omits key facts here and there. Torgo would hate to see that same thing happen again without an objective reference here.

STAY TUNED!!! Keep hitting the refresh button as the day progresses, for tonight Torgo will place images into the post...but all of the documents are represented here

A Monaghan-Led Insurrection

Have no doubts about it -- the intervening cause in the disruptions of Ave Maria School of Law are the direct and proximate fault of the insistance of Thomas Monaghan to move the law school to a new location.

Torgo reads in the email inbox today a troubling note from a potential AMSoL student, "[Torgo clipped the part of the message where the potential sutdent relates his/her admissions status...] I have been watching with great interest this Ave Maria/Monaghan Saga. I most likely won't end up going if I got in; while a place like Cooley is secular and full of us lower academics, at least it's stable and respectful."

That fumes Torgo and makes it very real that the mission of the law school has not been interrupted by alumni, faculty, or students, but by MONAGHAN and his incessant tinkering and destructive hands. Woe to the destroyer lest the Lord stave him.

Some have been trying to twist these things into words blaming others, such as Dean Dobranski who has been alleged to have said things implying that this is an insurrection lead by the faculty. Surely that man is smart enough to realize that no insurrection had happened save for the demands of Monaghan!

That such language is asserted as if true and to lay blame for the destruction on those who stand to be damaged most by the destruction speaks volumes for the state of mind and intentions of the speaker. It's the whim of Monaghan that has set this in motion, and it's apparent from the donation success of St. Thomas Law School that Monaghan has not even been carrying his weight in the monetary department, but rahter sand bagging to make the law school dependent on his every capricious whim.

A quick study of history's memory for such rulers, like Joab or Pharaoh, reveals that this path is not the path.

Sharp Contrasts

Torgo is aware that all Ave Maria School of Law students are familiar with Bolt's A Man for All Seasons, the secularized rendition of the life of St. Thomas More. Apart from any critical analysis of that book, such as the lack of any realistic representation of More's prayer life and reliance on the sacraments, Bolt's rendition fairly characterizes the struggle between standing for objective moral principles (another criticism of Bolt's rendition is available here) when one's gravy train departs from such objective points.

Consider, for instance, that kingdoms in America are not made of raw state power, but rather of wealth and political largesse. Thus, a king or queen (e.g. Martha Stewart) is not appointed necessarily, but occurs to those who can muster wealth by whatever means. (A fine Ignatian analysis of what it means to have such means exists here, but Torgo is ill-equipped to digress -- those who want more can look for it on google or something) These empires are not of state borders, but of financical ones, defined in corporate structures and bordered by corporate limits. Modern feudalism is therefore found in the appointment of feudal lords over portions of thes emodern kingdoms.

It is possible then to see by direct analogy how players in these kingdoms directly correspond to the kingdoms of old. For instance, a chancellor may well be a CEO, a president, or a dean. Sliding the kingdom to smaller fuedal terfs of the kingdom can make a fuedal lord a mini-king of sorts. Thus, one could say that Monaghan is like Henry VII vis-a-vis the Ave Maria Foundation. Dobranski can find himself in any of the players in St. Thomas More, from Cramner to More.

Torgo will finish the thought later...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Assistant Dean Falvey resigns from Dean, stays Professor

As a surprise to Torgo, but nonetheless, a sad development that such times necessitate... piecing it all together makes for a story consistent with the stand-up kind of guy Falvey is.

Unfortunately, Torgo understands that as of today, Dean Falvey will only be Professor Falvey as he has opted to step out of a position in administration and become ordinary faculty. Torgo is aware that Falvey has been a stand-up man and can work with any tenable position when possible, but Torgo interprets a move like this one to mean there is either no more tenable leg upon which to stand or that Falvey wishes to be counted among the professors without conflict of having an administrative role.

here is the text of the email sent by Dean Dobranski as was forwarded to Torgo:

From: Dobranski, Bernard
Sent: Wed 4/19/2006 4:36 PM
To: All Law System Distribution
Subject: Personnel Update

This is to inform you that I have accepted Dean Joseph L. Falvey, Jr.'s resignation as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. He and I have agreed to work together to effect a smooth transition.

Funny how it was merely a "personnel update" -- seems pretty large.

Something's Happening...

stay tuned for details....

d e v e l o p i n g

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Experiencing Technical difficulties today...

if you can read this, check the "April 2006" tag under the archives in order to see the latest.

There is a post made early today about a vote of no confidence in the dean made by the alumni association. For some reason blogger isn't showing it on the first page.

it's here

whoseamsol has it here


In Emergency Session, Alumni Assoc. Votes NO CONFIDENCE

Last night the Alumni Association of Ave Maria School of Law held an emergency session at which they passed a vote of no confidence in the Dean. Torgo is unsure of whether Dean Dobranski was in the meeting.


Team Torgo will keep you up to date with more information as it becomes available. .

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ave Maria School of Law Admissions FAQ:

(Team Torgo has seen things disappear after scrutiny before)

Here's the part of interest:
If the School of Law were to relocate to Florida effective with the 2008-09 school year, is it likely that a student entering in fall 2006 would be able to graduate from the School of Law in Ann Arbor in May 2009?
The consultants' findings will be presented to the Board of Governors by the end of August. However, by June 15, 2006, I will be in a position to inform deposited candidates whether the School of Law would move prior to June 2009. It is important to note that the June 15 announcement will not relate to our decision to move. Rather, it will pertain only to the timing of the move should the Board decide at its September 2006 meeting that the move is in the best long-term interests of the law school.

read that again:
The consultants' findings will be presented to the Board of Governors by the end of August. However, by June 15, 2006, I will be in a position to inform deposited candidates whether the School of Law would move prior to June 2009. It is important to note that the June 15 announcement will not relate to our decision to move. Rather, it will pertain only to the timing of the move should the Board decide at its September 2006 meeting that the move is in the best long-term interests of the law school.

Does that leave you with the impression the neither the consultants' findings nor the Board's decisions matter in this? What else could you be left to believe?

On one hand, it could be explained away as if there is new information and funds will be available and there is a need to notify people, but really, is that satisfying? Does that not support the assertions that because Monaghan wants it, nothing else matters, and it better happen soon?

more to follow...

UPDATE: Here's the likely plot-line developing: sand bag the Alumni Association and others from contacting the feasibility committee consultants and get the input from them before anyone has contacted them. Get favorable results, and make an announcement that the school will move on June 15 (does anyone in their right mind think anything other than those words are going to come out of the Dean's mouth on that day?) but the June 15th announcement will be heavily equivocated on the Fall decision of the Board. Over the Summer, while everyone is gone, the orcs will come up from Florida to the law school make all the necessary "spins" and PR to force the Board to believe it's all approved and good except for their rubber stamp.

Really, do they think we are as stupid as to believe there is any other option in their minds than to move at this point?

Text of Comment that illustrates the Ground War

At 12:11 AM, April 06, 2006, Phineas said... [in a comment posted here: link]

In addition to the other statements mentioned speaking out against the administration, the following email went out to almost all of the AMSOL student body April 5, 2006 from an off campus email account and is creating ALOT of commotion. The students are now officially up in arms.

This is a student compiled list of grievances concerning the high-level administration:

The Dean has not taken any responsibility for the US News & Report rankings, which he either knew, or should have known, would be coming out.

The Dean warned staff not to organize a Union, as this would be contrary to the Mission & Philosophy of AMSOL. However, any reading of Rerum Novarum and Centesimus Annus would mean that either AMSOL’s mission & philosophy is wrong, the Catholic Church is wrong, or the Dean is wrong.

The Dean’s recent accounts of the founding of Ave Maria School of Law deny the crucial role of Founding Faculty members. This is in contrast to the account published in the first issue of the Advocate – written by Mr. Monaghan himself.

The Dean has become the mouthpiece not of the student body, or the faculty, but of the Chairman.
The Dean has allowed AMSOL to become a sole proprietorship, taking his orders from Mr. Monaghan, rather than acting in the best interests of the law school, and discarding the essential input of the faculty, staff, alumni, and students.

The Administration has tried to intimidate alumni by calling their employers, as well as current students, attempting to suppress any free _expression of opposition to the prospective move to Florida, abusing the sound judgment demanded of such an office.

The Dean lied to the students about the real reason that Dr. Charles Rice was voted off the Board of Governors under the guise of “term limits”: his opposition to the move to Florida and his opposition to AMSOL being run as a sole-proprietorship.

Any law school interested in protecting its reputation in the legal community, such as St. Thomas School of Law in Minnesota, which opened in 2001, taken obvious and necessary steps to guard its reputational status in the legal community. AMSOL has not.

The Dean has repeatedly altered the criteria that he will use to determine whether a move to Florida would be prudent.

A move to Florida, especially in light of current events, would present a grievous and destabilizing blow to both current students and alumni.

The Dean has said that the “tenure” of faculty members will be re-examined. At any other academic institution (such as a Top Tier Law School), this would be unthinkable.

Further, the Deans of other law schools do not normally serve in the capacities of both President and Dean, concurrently, for periods in excess of 5 years.

The Dean has denied students any meaningful opportunity to address our concerns to the Board of Governors.

The Dean has said that his responsibility is to look to “25 years from now.” The Dean, the Chairman, and the Board have a fiduciary duty to the CURRENT STUDENTS.

These are our grievances. We believe that this Administration must take proactive steps to correct these wrongs listed above. We want the Administration to publicly address these grievances and implement solutions so that the students may regain confidence in the leadership of Ave Maria School of Law.

Torgo heard about something of this nature on FUMARE on this post titled WAR.

As usual, the truth of the matters asserted in the quoted comment cannot be guaranteed by Torgo, but Torgo can guarantee that someone posted that comment below and is merely posting the same content here in order to receive direct comments on the matters therein, and potential substantiation or denial of the various assertions.

Of particular interest to Torgo are two matters stated: 1) the reference to blocking labor organization (but Torgo bets there's no good proof as of yet -- Torgo is pretty sure that such comments would have legal significance to some degree); 2) the revisiting of tenure. Torgo is interested because working together, these two things are a direct contravention of prevailing Catholic social teaching. Torgo would be bitterly disappointed if so, because the law school has thus far avoided any actions of such implication.

Torgo also wonders if the commentor chose the name "Phineas" in honor of Phineas Gage, the late brain surgery survivor of notoriety.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Is it a Liberal School: Rewriting History to suit one's needs?

Check out this whoseamsol post detailing the "new history."

Torgo recalls stories of how some of the original faculty, ahem the 2nd in command of the admin, weren't even going to join in on the plan unless Dobranski was made Dean. Sad to see such things turned around.

What Torgo resents is that there is an implicit inference of our stupidity made by such efforts. Do these men who now lie in the bushes on their bellies and push dust over the true tracks think that our angels were not present five years ago? Do they think that by their own power they can erase the marks made on the book of history?

The only consolation Torgo can offer that visionary Falvey who halted the law school formation unless Dobranski was made Dean is that the prophet is killed by his own. As far as the rest of the faculty go, especially the one who had the gumption to lay the plan out to Monaghan, I know he doesn't mind if someone else takes credit for a good idea -- Safranek seems like the kind of guy that just wants to see good things happen. I'm not sure what kind of consolation to offer in this case, though: where a good idea is promised to be acted upon, you rely on it and join in adding the means God has given you and then performance is withdrawn. Torgo can only say some consolation from what is written:

3 If thou hast vowed any thing to God, defer not to pay it: for an unfaithful and foolish promise displeaseth him: but whatsoever thou hast vowed, pay it. 4 And it is much better not to vow, than after a vow not to perform the things promised. 5 Give not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin: and say not before the angel: There is no providence: lest God be angry at thy words, and destroy all the works of thy hands.


We know what the promises are, and the angel heard them. No manner of public relations can hide what is being undone... Sadly, the promise to put forth from the means God has given would follow that which is written and no prophet could undo those which bind a man's life in reliance. Best to pray mercy for the oppressor lest the beast totally win their hearts, for it is surely not the work of Heaven that does these things.

UPDATE: check out FUMARE for a reference to the "rest of the story..."

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lest is be forgotten:
[Dobranski said, "]As regards faculty, we have also been blessed from the beginning with an extremely talented group of academic leaders with distinguished careers in academia and the practice of law. In our first year, among those on the faculty were four of the original five founding faculty who suggested the creation of a new Catholic law school to Mr. Monaghan in 1998..."

Toledo Law Rev Art by Dobranski

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

OUCH! All the News fit to print


Torgo has received info like fire today. St. Isadore of Seville must be on the case or something.

Speaking of cases, Torgo found two copies of complaints filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan against Ave Maria College. (Torgo wonders if other parties have been joined by separate motion). The gists of each complaint are whistleblower/wrongful discharge cases that each allege that individuals named as plaintiffs were discharged for reporting the information that allegedly resulted in the investigation by the Department of Education.

Fascinatingly, if these are true and accurate copies of the court filings, and Torgo is pretty sure they are, the allegations include that the procedure was to "re-code" AMU(florida) students as if they were AMC(michigan) students thereby causing fed loan eligibility when in fact AMU(florida) students would not otherwise be eligible as the institution was not accredited. Torgo will verify -- however, it seems consistent with the m.o.: bleed the worth.

Torgo has another sheet in the inbox that requires some decoding and verifying before posting too much detail. It appears as if someone has compiled public statements made by AMSOL admin (the Dean) and quite possibly made a compelling impeachment. Furthermore, it appears that some sort of impeaching of the Dean is done with some U.S. News and World Reports policies that indicate he knew of the ranking...

Needless to say, Torgo is intrigued by all of this stuff in one day...

DEVELOPING... (as at least one web site says it).