Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Great One condescends on the School

Check out whoseamsol for a discussion on the matter that Miss O'Bierne actually spoke to little people at the school today in order to tell them what to think about reality and how to ignore facts and describe them away as "skewed."

Apparently, she learned those tricks from the old media OR she has a hook, line, and sinker in her mouth. Torgo is unsure.

Torgo is aware that when people contacted her in the past, not about current issues, she was unavailable, so it's nice to see her come to the school and talk to the little serfs directly. It's even better to see how she handles herself.

At any rate, Torgo does not want to demonize her or any other member of the Board, as was suggested is being done, because the apparent lackluster analysis exhibited thus-far indicates an ignorance of the facts or an excellent snow job by Monaghanam. If Torgo were a gambler, the chips would be on the box for the "snow job."


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