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Is it a Liberal School: Rewriting History to suit one's needs?

Check out this whoseamsol post detailing the "new history."

Torgo recalls stories of how some of the original faculty, ahem the 2nd in command of the admin, weren't even going to join in on the plan unless Dobranski was made Dean. Sad to see such things turned around.

What Torgo resents is that there is an implicit inference of our stupidity made by such efforts. Do these men who now lie in the bushes on their bellies and push dust over the true tracks think that our angels were not present five years ago? Do they think that by their own power they can erase the marks made on the book of history?

The only consolation Torgo can offer that visionary Falvey who halted the law school formation unless Dobranski was made Dean is that the prophet is killed by his own. As far as the rest of the faculty go, especially the one who had the gumption to lay the plan out to Monaghan, I know he doesn't mind if someone else takes credit for a good idea -- Safranek seems like the kind of guy that just wants to see good things happen. I'm not sure what kind of consolation to offer in this case, though: where a good idea is promised to be acted upon, you rely on it and join in adding the means God has given you and then performance is withdrawn. Torgo can only say some consolation from what is written:

3 If thou hast vowed any thing to God, defer not to pay it: for an unfaithful and foolish promise displeaseth him: but whatsoever thou hast vowed, pay it. 4 And it is much better not to vow, than after a vow not to perform the things promised. 5 Give not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin: and say not before the angel: There is no providence: lest God be angry at thy words, and destroy all the works of thy hands.


We know what the promises are, and the angel heard them. No manner of public relations can hide what is being undone... Sadly, the promise to put forth from the means God has given would follow that which is written and no prophet could undo those which bind a man's life in reliance. Best to pray mercy for the oppressor lest the beast totally win their hearts, for it is surely not the work of Heaven that does these things.

UPDATE: check out FUMARE for a reference to the "rest of the story..."

here are the images they've acquired:
The orginal version:

and here is the NEW STANDARD REVISED EDITION (highly favored one):

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lest is be forgotten:
[Dobranski said, "]As regards faculty, we have also been blessed from the beginning with an extremely talented group of academic leaders with distinguished careers in academia and the practice of law. In our first year, among those on the faculty were four of the original five founding faculty who suggested the creation of a new Catholic law school to Mr. Monaghan in 1998..."

Toledo Law Rev Art by Dobranski


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