Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Monaghan-Led Insurrection

Have no doubts about it -- the intervening cause in the disruptions of Ave Maria School of Law are the direct and proximate fault of the insistance of Thomas Monaghan to move the law school to a new location.

Torgo reads in the email inbox today a troubling note from a potential AMSoL student, "[Torgo clipped the part of the message where the potential sutdent relates his/her admissions status...] I have been watching with great interest this Ave Maria/Monaghan Saga. I most likely won't end up going if I got in; while a place like Cooley is secular and full of us lower academics, at least it's stable and respectful."

That fumes Torgo and makes it very real that the mission of the law school has not been interrupted by alumni, faculty, or students, but by MONAGHAN and his incessant tinkering and destructive hands. Woe to the destroyer lest the Lord stave him.

Some have been trying to twist these things into words blaming others, such as Dean Dobranski who has been alleged to have said things implying that this is an insurrection lead by the faculty. Surely that man is smart enough to realize that no insurrection had happened save for the demands of Monaghan!

That such language is asserted as if true and to lay blame for the destruction on those who stand to be damaged most by the destruction speaks volumes for the state of mind and intentions of the speaker. It's the whim of Monaghan that has set this in motion, and it's apparent from the donation success of St. Thomas Law School that Monaghan has not even been carrying his weight in the monetary department, but rahter sand bagging to make the law school dependent on his every capricious whim.

A quick study of history's memory for such rulers, like Joab or Pharaoh, reveals that this path is not the path.


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