Thursday, April 06, 2006

Text of Comment that illustrates the Ground War

At 12:11 AM, April 06, 2006, Phineas said... [in a comment posted here: link]

In addition to the other statements mentioned speaking out against the administration, the following email went out to almost all of the AMSOL student body April 5, 2006 from an off campus email account and is creating ALOT of commotion. The students are now officially up in arms.

This is a student compiled list of grievances concerning the high-level administration:

The Dean has not taken any responsibility for the US News & Report rankings, which he either knew, or should have known, would be coming out.

The Dean warned staff not to organize a Union, as this would be contrary to the Mission & Philosophy of AMSOL. However, any reading of Rerum Novarum and Centesimus Annus would mean that either AMSOL’s mission & philosophy is wrong, the Catholic Church is wrong, or the Dean is wrong.

The Dean’s recent accounts of the founding of Ave Maria School of Law deny the crucial role of Founding Faculty members. This is in contrast to the account published in the first issue of the Advocate – written by Mr. Monaghan himself.

The Dean has become the mouthpiece not of the student body, or the faculty, but of the Chairman.
The Dean has allowed AMSOL to become a sole proprietorship, taking his orders from Mr. Monaghan, rather than acting in the best interests of the law school, and discarding the essential input of the faculty, staff, alumni, and students.

The Administration has tried to intimidate alumni by calling their employers, as well as current students, attempting to suppress any free _expression of opposition to the prospective move to Florida, abusing the sound judgment demanded of such an office.

The Dean lied to the students about the real reason that Dr. Charles Rice was voted off the Board of Governors under the guise of “term limits”: his opposition to the move to Florida and his opposition to AMSOL being run as a sole-proprietorship.

Any law school interested in protecting its reputation in the legal community, such as St. Thomas School of Law in Minnesota, which opened in 2001, taken obvious and necessary steps to guard its reputational status in the legal community. AMSOL has not.

The Dean has repeatedly altered the criteria that he will use to determine whether a move to Florida would be prudent.

A move to Florida, especially in light of current events, would present a grievous and destabilizing blow to both current students and alumni.

The Dean has said that the “tenure” of faculty members will be re-examined. At any other academic institution (such as a Top Tier Law School), this would be unthinkable.

Further, the Deans of other law schools do not normally serve in the capacities of both President and Dean, concurrently, for periods in excess of 5 years.

The Dean has denied students any meaningful opportunity to address our concerns to the Board of Governors.

The Dean has said that his responsibility is to look to “25 years from now.” The Dean, the Chairman, and the Board have a fiduciary duty to the CURRENT STUDENTS.

These are our grievances. We believe that this Administration must take proactive steps to correct these wrongs listed above. We want the Administration to publicly address these grievances and implement solutions so that the students may regain confidence in the leadership of Ave Maria School of Law.

Torgo heard about something of this nature on FUMARE on this post titled WAR.

As usual, the truth of the matters asserted in the quoted comment cannot be guaranteed by Torgo, but Torgo can guarantee that someone posted that comment below and is merely posting the same content here in order to receive direct comments on the matters therein, and potential substantiation or denial of the various assertions.

Of particular interest to Torgo are two matters stated: 1) the reference to blocking labor organization (but Torgo bets there's no good proof as of yet -- Torgo is pretty sure that such comments would have legal significance to some degree); 2) the revisiting of tenure. Torgo is interested because working together, these two things are a direct contravention of prevailing Catholic social teaching. Torgo would be bitterly disappointed if so, because the law school has thus far avoided any actions of such implication.

Torgo also wonders if the commentor chose the name "Phineas" in honor of Phineas Gage, the late brain surgery survivor of notoriety.


At 12:20 PM, April 06, 2006, Anonymous 2L who doesn't want to end up in Bernie's office said...

The Dean directly addressed the tenure issue at one of his "town hall" meetings which I attended. He verified the tenure policies of the school are being reviewed and may be altered. In addition he is the chair or the committee doing the revision and they should be completed after the completion of the feasibility study. (although he claims the two are unrelated) Hmm-makes one wonder why the delay until after the required faculty input to the study...

At 11:04 PM, April 08, 2006, Anonymous Namedropper said...

Namedropper thinks it highly likely that Phineas chose his name in imitation of the athlete whose leg is broken by his best friend in John Knowles' "A Separate Peace." The injury abruptly changes the projected course of Phineas' life for the worse and is exacerbated by his suspicions that his best friend's action was not entirely accidental.
Namedropper admires Phineas' choice.


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