Monday, May 08, 2006

If a Knucklehead were Running the Feasibility Study...

Capital projects require a little thought at times, planning and alternatives and considerations of collateral effects as well as secondary effects of alternatives are usually considered.

If the law school were a pizza parlor for instance, and we wanted to open another pizza parlor, we would consider several alternatives:
1) moving the pizza parlor.
2) opening another pizza parlor.
3) not opening the new pizza parlor but expanding the first parlor.
4) doing something other than pizza parlors (like opening universities and closing them).

It'd be the idiot shopkeep that would insist on option 1 without even considering option 2. In fact, opening two pizza parlors is what makes "synergy" and a host of other adjectives that justify franchising and large corporate ventures. Indeed, a brand is built on ubiquity and access, not on persona.

In fact, in some instances, the shop keep who insists on option 1 (moving the pizza parlor) is probably looking at sustaining considerable losses (operations suspended, one income sustaining two locales, sale delays, etc...) compared to opening another store (total operation+start-up)....

Torgo assumes the reader can consider the options more and see the picture in Torgo's mind rather than give a total breakdown here.

All those things considered, as Torgo has said in the past: the option of not moving/moving the law school is a false dillema -- there are other options. The problem is that the Great Destroyer, Receiver of Elitist Dulia, will not allow little people to enjoy something and it be successful. No, it must be done on the Destroyer's terms, even if those are the least feasible methods and the most destructive.

Consider that Option 1 may be far more expensive than option 2. Moving facilities, the now apparent drop in admissions, and other LARGE, LARGE incidental capital expenses may show that operating in Monaghan-Destroyer's best interests has indeed decapitated the law schoo -- furthermore, it may divert considerable capital through incidental and secondary costs as well as the loss of "synergy" (loss by way of unrealized potential gains) that the University itself may suffer from footing much of the bill.

But, Torgo is a stupid uninformed pleb without a brain unless Ms. O'Beirne informs Torgo of what to think , so please dismiss such musings as those of an idiot and move along to read her ever so infallible and most highly perfect logic and information from on high.

Torgo can find some consolation in the middle of all this mess in that the true colors of many of the so-called heroes of the conservative Catholic circles are being revealed for what they are: some are no different than the liberals of whom they constantly complain.

The point is: a feasibility study that does not compare costs (including potential gains and gains/losses that are unique to each option) is a false dillema and nothing more than tongue wagging for Uncle Thom's cabin.


At 10:45 PM, May 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Torgo,

How about a little posting congratulating the Class of 2006 on their achievement!

I think it's worthy of acknowledgement (yes, even on this doomsday blogsite).


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