Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kate O'Beirne Unhinged

In her recent book, Women Who Make the World Worse, O'Beirne laments many things,

Time and time again, I would find myself as a minority voice on panels discussing ‘women’s issues,’ and to my right and left would be professional feminists funded by my taxes. These women sit on review panels to give federal grants to each other, to study things only they care about. Every new federal law they design, aimed at addressing some inequality they identify, based on studies they’ve written, comes with hundreds of millions of dollars in feminist pork.

Wonder how much Monaghan pork she gets, or intends to get for not studying the law school move issue. It must not be an issue that interests her, because she is uninformed beyond her own deign-fully delivered opinion from on high.

But what is interesting is her analysis of feminist methods:

“The modern women’s movement is totalitarian in its methods, radical in its aims, and dishonest in its advocacy. Coercion is employed through the courts...

Totalitarian. Dishonest. Coercive. Sounds familiar.

Apparently, she does like to shoot from the hip occasionally, see O'Beirne falsely claimed poll showed 76 percent of people under 50 "like the idea" of private accounts; Feminist Blog complaining that Kate is "too lazy or dishonest" to quote feminist correctly; or google for others. Torgo isn't going on a campaign, but merely showing that she's not always on the mark with facts when she speaks. Yet, she insists that others are the slipshod ones in their advocacy.

Nonetheless, I ought to get to the rub. This past week, The Wanderer's Paul Likodis ran an article titled Ave Maria Law School Faculty, Alums Call For Dean to Step Down. At the end of the article, a rather amusing little tidbit of totalitarian and coercive tactics from our ever so gentle and paternalistic Monaghan admiration society came forth:

On Page seven (7) appears the following:
"Unworthy of Further Comment"

The Wanderer contacted Dean Dobranski's office for a response to the information posted on the three blogs spots [fumare, whoseamsol, and yours truly's] He did not respond, but Robert Falls, the spokesman for Ave Maria did, and obtained the following statement from Kate O'Beirne, a member of the Board of Governors at Ave Maria School of Law.

She said: "Regarding these personal blogs that have been established -- these destructive posting[s] by a few anonymous individuals are irresponsible, frequently uninformed and misleading, cowardly and unworthy of further comment."

Torgo can only say she's a masterpiece. There is considerable irony that she is the whipping boy for the Dean now, especially ironic given the title of her last book and its intentions, but Torgo won't pick on her for that.

Torgo would rather she respond to the numerous newspaper articles, actual documents, and real evidence put forth on this blog. Torgo suspects O'Beirne finds it "unworthy of further comment" because it is she who is uninformed. Poor woman -- looking to maintain her Monaghan pork has caused her to fail to research an issue, but comment on it nonetheless. Guilty by her own words. It's sad, because it tilts Torgo's perceptions of her general assertions in other matters towards the unreliable. If she is willing to sell out here, on little things, you can be pretty sure she does in the big.

It's even funnier to Torgo that she thinks these are destructive postings. She is attempting to co-opt Torgo's own words. Destruction is the method of her master, Monaghan. If she had truth on her side, she would not be throwing so many adjectives our way, but facts. Sadly, she has no other reasoning on her side than fallacy: the appeal to authority and the ad hominem. Sad to see someone who is held out as an intellectual act so unintelligently. More proof that intelligence is rooted in union with God and truth, while intellectualism is mere brain work.

Torgo thinks we should pray for her. If us Lilliputians are causing her to act in such a despicable manner, then she must have some deeper problems for which she needs prayers.


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