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Pope Pius XI Slams Monaghan Prospectively as a Blasphemer

Torgo turns your attention to this thread on FUMARE which links to this opinion letter on Torgo also understands that Monaghan approached the WSJ to do a puff piece in a effort to control the damage of the stench reeking from him and his cronies these days.

Torgo noted many comments in that FUMARE thread, and read the article, but would like to harp, and Torgo means to harp on this quote until it is publicly recanted by the heretic who spoke it.

Self described in a news article on Ave
"Monaghan, a consummate Catholic who lives steadfastly by the laws of the Vatican as well as by the commandments of God, was a frequent target of liberals who openly opposed his beliefs."
(cited to Ave Maria founder Tom Monaghan is a man of faith, plans and action. Sunday, April 13, 2003. The Naples Daily News)
this description was obviously self-described language sent out in a press release because it's also here

Let's see.. consummate Catholic...who lives steadfastly by the laws of the Vatican.

According to Monaghan:
CANDIOTTI: Monaghan hopes to turn out Catholic educators who he says will take a less watered down version of the Catholic faith. He prefers a faculty that's mostly Catholic, and in his words, not mediocre. How do you define a mediocre Catholic?

MONAGHAN: A cafeteria Catholic that says they are Catholic who go to church on Easter and Palm Sunday, and probably oftentimes are pro-abortion.

CNN transcript

A cafeteria catholic is one who picks and chooses what truths to believe.


Among the idiotic quotes in the Opinion Journal piece (and Torgo will take Novak to the whipping post in a bit), is this one:

The battles between Mr. Monaghan and the Ave Maria faculties have become vitriolic. Some have even tried to unionize. When I ask if he sees a contradiction in trying to block such a move, even though unionization is supported by the Catholic Church, he says, "I think that [the church] hierarchy doesn't know as much about those things as they do about their theology."

Is he for real?

First: note how he characterizes PAPAL ENCYCLICALS: "the hierarchy" What a pompous jackass.

His logic is no different than those who justify abortion and contraception by the reasoning that "celibate priests know nothing about sex, therefore, contraception and abortion are OK." Cafeteria catholicism.

Nevertheless, Torgo will let the Successors of Peter speak for themselves, especially because POPE (no mere hierarch) Pius XI has some choice words for a jackass like Monaghan.

Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum: The most important of all [associations and organizations to aid those in distress] are workingmen's unions. (1891)


On the basis of the long period of experience, it cannot be rash to say that Leo's Encyclical has proved itself the Magna Charta upon which all Christian activity in the social field ought to be based, as on a foundation. And those who would seem to hold in little esteem this Papal Encyclical and its commemoration either blaspheme what they know not, or understand nothing of what they are only superficially acquainted with, or if they do understand convict themselves formally of injustice and ingratitude.


Poor Mr. Monaghan -- he's a blasphemer or an idiot, according to Pope Pius XI. Worse yet, Pius XI says if Monaghan does understand the encyclical and still ignores it, he "convicts [himself] formally of injustice and ingratitude."

Self study guide: read Paragraph 41 of that encyclical here.

John Paul II, Centesimus Annus:

In close connection with the right to private property, Pope Leo XIII's Encyclical also affirms other rights as inalienable and proper to the human person. Prominent among these, because of the space which the Pope devotes to it and the importance which he attaches to it, is the "natural human right" to form private associations. This means above all the right to establish professional associations of employers and workers, or of workers alone.19 Here we find the reason for the Church's defence and approval of the establishment of what are commonly called trade unions: certainly not because of ideological prejudices or in order to surrender to a class mentality, but because the right of association is a natural right of the human being, which therefore precedes his or her incorporation into political society. Indeed, the formation of unions "cannot ... be prohibited by the State", because "the State is bound to protect natural rights, not to destroy them; and if it forbids its citizens to form associations, it contradicts the very principle of its own existence"


Inalienable Right. Monaghan wants these mere hierarchs to stay out of his bedroom.

more self study: read the rest of paragraph 7 here.

more from Centesimus:

the right to express one's own personality at the work-place without suffering any affront to one's conscience or personal dignity. This is the place to mention once more the role of trade unions, not only in negotiating contracts, but also as "places" where workers can express themselves. They serve the development of an authentic culture of work and help workers to share in a fully human way in the life of their place of employment.

No wonder Monaghan doesn't like the Church meddling in his businesses.

Also, John Paul II said in Laborem exercens (1981):

All these rights, together with the need for the workers themselves to secure them, give rise to yet another right: the right of association, that is to form associations for the purpose of defending the vital interests of those employed in the various professions.

To paraphrase Bowie Kuhn (a Monaghan advisor): If Monaghan can pick and chose and shove the Popes out of Ave Maria Institutions, how can we trust him to tell the truth?

UPDATE: It is rumored that Kate O'Beirne called the papal encyclicals cited here as "fabrications of dissident malcontents intent on obstructing the will of God being worked out through Mr. Monaghan."

UPDATE 2: Novak's ghost book-writer has informed Torgo that he has been retained to respond to the upcoming thrashing he'll get. Novak is apparently still bedridden from anxiety over the fallout of his comments in NYT.

UPDATE 3: Bowie Kuhn is still wondering what is going on.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ironic Quotes Say Insert Foot.

Schaefer, Naomi, CAMPUS CRUSADE. American Enterprise; Jul/Aug2001, Vol. 12 Issue 5, p32 et seq.

Dobranski credits part of Ave Maria's success to the generosity of Monaghan and other donors, which enables the school both to be more selective and to provide large scholarships to those students who are admitted. "Most other new law schools start out at the bottom. They desperately need students because that's how you pay the bills, but schools that take anyone get a reputation for mediocrity that never goes away."

Yeah, that lack of academic freedom problem never goes away either.

Mangan, Katherine S. Ave Maria: a 'Seriously Catholic' Law School. Chronicle of Higher Education; 2/18/2000, Vol. 46 Issue 24, pA18.

As the board's chairman, Mr. Monaghan says he has no intention of getting involved in Ave Maria's curriculum. "When I owned the Detroit Tigers, I didn't climb into the dugout and tell Sparky how to set his lineup," he says, referring to the baseball team's legendary manager, Sparky Anderson.

Funny... he'll tell everyone else what to do, and, apparently, where to do it.

says the next paragraph:

Several law professors who are familiar with Mr. Monaghan find that hard to believe, however, and some predict he'll play an active, behind-the-scenes role.

really? Mr. Monaghan? Torgo cannot believe that someone would think that in 2000, before any AMC or AMSOL issues.

and from the same article:
Mr. Dobranski says everyone who has signed on to Ave Maria is taking a chance because they believe in its mission. Says the dean, "It's really a leap of faith."

Apparently, that chance they risked is not worth anything now.

Then, on ANN ARBOR:
Shawn Windsor. Domino's Pizza Complex in Ann Arbor, Mich., Will Become Home to College. Detroit Free Press (MI); 06/14/2001

Ave Maria President Nicholas Healy, [speaking about Ann Arbor]: "We're talking about one of the most noteworthy and recognizable commercial locations in the world."

Funny, Google says that, too. Healy doesn't think so anymore, and Bernie is convinced that Florida is the only place law exists outside DC, where it's rumored that he hopes to have his foundation built by Monaghan.

Mary Beth Marklein. Pizza mogul to build Catholic college -- and a town .... USA Today; 11/21/2002.

"The search for God has been eliminated from universities altogether," said Bowie Kuhn, an advisory board member of Monaghan's Ave Maria Foundation. "If God is excluded from universities, how can it possibly speak the truth?"

Note Bowie's position.


Shantee Woodards. Competition grows for Ave Maria College - Plymouth Township is up against four out-of-state sites. The Detroit News. May 10, 2002, Section: Metro Page:03D

Plymouth Township is now up against a wider pool of candidates in its efforts to attract Ave Maria College.Administrators were considering moving the campus to Ann Arbor or Plymouth townships, or possibly Naples, Fla.
Campus officials wanted to move to the Domino's Farms complex, home to about 40 corporations, professional firms and nonprofits. But the Ann Arbor Township Planning Commission rejected the required zoning changes to allow the college to move to the complex, which is at U.S. 23 and M-14.

Since then college founder Tom Monaghan has been considering a move to south Florida. Officials said they liked the region's strong Catholic community and proximity to Ave Maria College of America in Nicaragua.

But Plymouth Township officials said they want the college to remain in the area.

Hmmm. really.. Michigan just hated AMC, did it?

The Detroit News (staff). Across Wayne County. April 14, 2002. Section: Metro Page: 03B.

Hot topicsPlymouth Township: Ypsilanti's loss may be Plymouth Township's gain. Township leaders recently met with officials from Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti in hopes of persuading them to relocate to Plymouth. The conservative Catholic college, founded by Domino's Pizza guru Tom Monaghan, wants to move to nearby Ann Arbor Township, but the proposal seems shaky.

Some say it was intentionally so.

Delores Patterson. Plymouth Township woos Ave Maria College - Ann Arbor zoning may force law school to move elsewhere. The Detroit News. April 12, 2002. Section: Metro Page: 03D

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- As Ave Maria College awaits final word about moving to Ann Arbor Township, Plymouth Township has extended an invitation to build the school there.The Ann Arbor Township planning commission rejected zoning changes required to move the private Ypsilanti college to Domino's Farms complex at U.S. 23 and M-14 earlier this year.
Plymouth officials cringe at the thought of losing the academic institution to another state.

"That would be such a great loss," said Plymouth Township Supervisor Steve Mann. "We see all too often industries leave the state and we can't afford to start losing our higher education as well. If our community is able to help in any way, it would be our pleasure, including finding a location. And we think Plymouth would be a great fit for the college, since we have a large Catholic base along with Canton."

Monaghan could not be reached for comment Thursday.

A meeting between township officials and college representatives next week will explore the possibility of moving the school to the community. Other cities have expressed interest in the school, said John Petz, director of government and community relations with the Domino's Farms complex, which works with the college.

Moving to Florida is still an option, Petz said, "because there is a vibrant Catholic community in the south Florida region that is underserved. And it would put the school in close proximity to Ave Maria College of America in Nicaragua."

"Whatever happens, Tom Monaghan is very committed to Ave Maria and will do what's in the best interest of the college. We have invested a lot of time into the current plans and ultimately would like to see them become a reality, but that's up to the Ann Arbor board."

read the last quote one more time. Torgo thinks it's obviously a shift of blame. Ann Arbor is making me move to Florida.


Plymouth was bending over backwards. Tom wanted to move to Florida and made it the fault of Ann Arbor.

Finally, Torgo really likes this quote.

Del Jones. Billionaire traded materialism for true happiness. USA Today; 09/19/2005

Q: Are successful business leaders who aren't religious less honest, moral or effective?

A: Businessmen get a bum rap. Surveys show that the most religious profession is the military. Businessmen are No.2. You're not going to like this, but people in the media were at the bottom of the list.


But this quote helps figure out Monaghan's M.O. in the Ave Maria stuff as well.

A: I ran a private company without other shareholders, so I had more freedom than a lot of CEOs. It was my money. I had franchisees near college campuses who thought they were injured. It helped business more than it hurt. My mail was something like 16-to-1 in favor. For every customer I lost, I gained many.

Q: How do you explain letters 16-to-1 when polls show the country evenly divided about abortion?

A: My theory is you've got 10% of the people who were never going to buy a Domino's pizza even if they were starving to death. There were 10% who would buy my pizza because of my position. The rest couldn't care less, but the controversy was free advertising.

I don't think the free advertising is working.

Don't let the Door Hit You in the ...


Bernie is on a streak. In a wild show of the extreme animosity, the school shipped Professor Rice's stuff to him NEXT DAY AIR!

Torgo is still laughing. What else can one do in the face of such absurdity?

I'm sure that official line will be "we needed the space for our burgeoning faculty requirements, and the sooner we could get in that office, the sooner we could provide another office."

It's probably, to be fair, some of that, but more an element of not wanting to provide an opportunity for Professor Rice to return to the law school. After all, if he acts the way the administration does, he might be dangerous or something. Not to mention that he may actually have students and others happy to see him -- all love and dulia is to be put to Monaghani these days.

TOTAL WEIGHT: 146 lbs of love shipped with care and overnighted.

See the photos and commentary on FUMARE, click here for the post.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rice Abortion is Classic Grounds for Injunctive Relief

Dobranski's escalating steps of destruction are in the realm of non-speculative damages anymore. Bernie obviously has problems with Rice, and decided to terminate the school's development with him. An allegorical murder, or just plain culture of death -- Bernie's weak reasons for firing Rice send the message that Catholic leaders eliminate their nuisances in the same way Planned Parenthood coaches couples to end theirs.

The abortion metaphor aside, even middle-ground critics of Original Mission proponents must now concede that Monaghan and Dobranski are destroying AMSOL because they are making a new school with a new mission. These borderline commentors who are slwo to form opinions must now form an solid opinion because the damages have changed in character.

By firing Rice, there is real damage to the faculty composition, but also to the student enrollment and future marketability of the school.

Traditionally, courts grant injunctive relief where a petitioner would suffer "irreparable harm" otherwise. The normal route of avoiding injunctive relief is for the court to recite that the harm stated by the petitioner is speculative. Real and immediate effects, however, are never speculative.

Thus far, Dobranski and Monaghan have been disassembling the Catholic institution of Ave Maria School of Law. Certain actions have spoken louder than others, but a consistent plot has been developing that reveals a plan to remove any person in the institution that speaks an iota of doubt in the soundness of the single-minded plan to transfer AMSOL to Florida.

Until now, some people have characterized the reporting of these events and the statements of effect to be merely speculation or colored with dissent. These people thought it was a matter of opinion where reasonable minds could diverge.

Not so anymore -- there's real damage now. You slow to form opinion folks must take note that the game has changed as of now.

Torgo, your faithful blogger, wants to point out that it's no longer speculation -- but actual immediate damage is being done to the school. By firing Rice, there is real damage to the faculty composition, but also to the student enrollment. Reasonable minds may diverge as to how long it would take to recover -- 10, 20, 30 years, but it's real and immediate.

Torgo does not have exact numbers as of yet. By kicking Rice out, Dobranski has also kicked out students most aligned to the mission, and alienated the school from its target prospective recruits. It's already been reported that an incoming enrolled student left because of Rice.

If the mission of the school is to provide an environment that exposes students to the elements of Catholic teaching and the law, as well as to help form students in the Catholic faith -- if the top manager cannot publicly act consistent with that mission and isn't, many people are wondering if the school can carry out its mission at all.

A damage count will be sure to follow, but even sideline commentators will notice that firing Rice ripped a good chunk out of the school.

Several top of class students that would otherwise be going into the 2L class, including the top of class and a few others selected for law review are transferring to other schools. Thanks, Bernie.

Way to go Bernie! Show everybody that real Catholics destroy problems and manage with the contraceptive mentality. Way to act consistent with the mission of the school! Which school is the question -- it obviously wasn't consistent with the mission of Ave Maria School of Law.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

AMSOL Enrolment Suffers from Dobranski's Firing of Rice

Torgo has been told today that one student enrolled to begin classes next week dropped enrollment at Ave Maria School of Law for the stated reason that Professor Rice was removed.

Additionally, Torgo was told that this student will seek admission to a different law school next year.

The steam roller of destruction driven by Monaghan continues to roll onto AMSOL. May God spare our beloved law school from these charlatans and sleight of hand artists who pretend to be acting fairly and justly.

Monday, August 14, 2006

FUMARE Reports: Professor Rice Axed by delayed-acting Dobranski

Torgo wants readers to go over to FUMARE and check out a long discussion thread active there about the matter that


Torgo finds it most interesting that Dobranski waited until the eve of classes starting to announce this act -- thereby giving all summer and the current recruiting cycle the prestige of Professor Rice. Just like all things Ave Maria these days, it seems they milk people dry and then kick them to the curb... so much for human dignity.
If Monaghan kicks nuns to the curb, I guess we can't expect his minions to treat ordinary lay people any better.

Torgo was on the floor laughing when Torgo read that Dobranski thinks Rice is the aggressor. In the words of some of the Fumaristas, Bernie needs his meds adjusted.

Burned the Same Day by Agile Students
God is awesome, however, because he had a very prompt reply to Bernie. Torgo repeats this story for the edification of readers.

It is Torgo's understanding that as the Dean was leaving yesterday around 6 pm, he encountered some students hanging out in front of the school. The Dean, seeking to be pleasant, teased the students lightly that "didn't they have something better to do than to hang out at the law school at 6 pm?"

The students blamed Bernie and told him they had to be there to rearrange their class schedules because Bernie fired Professor Charlie Rice.

Apparently, it was an ackward moment worthy as a drink and a cigar to savor best.

The Dean, reportedly flabbergasted, asked how they knew. The students said it was already all over FUMARE.

Torgo only wishes he had a brandy in hand and could have been out there watching!

Cheers FUMARE for bringing transparency to the pretexts!

Whatever else Bernie says, it's pretty obvious that he canned Rice because Rice is against the move. So blinded are these idiots that they don't think the entire non-medicated Catholic world is disagreeing :

see some of these links (list will be updated as Torgo can):

New Oxford Review News Headline links to FUMARE post on the matter (click the post title to see FUMARE post).

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What Droids?

There wasn't any post here.

These aren't the posts you're looking for.

Move along.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Torgo has received a note from a source close to or within or somewhere near the books of the powers that be.

Reformed aggiornamento fan, Michael Novak

is to be given keys to sit in a chair that appears to have power in the kingdom ad maioram Monaghani gloriam.

Monaghani is rumored to have said, "this is my latest and newest son in whom I am well pleased for today."

Cuey Boone commented, "he should be an excellent replacement for term limited appointments because he is well-heeled, well-trained, and obeys commands."

Richard Mentula, an expert on small cap sole proprietorships, reports that Novak is perfect because he is oblivious to law school history and promises made thereby he'll believe whatever the reformed NEW MISSION feasibility study says to do.

Novak will be in line next to Neumann at the appointing ceremony scheduled this September.

ADDED (8-8-06):

Good boy Novak barks for the NYT:

here, posing nice for the camera

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

***EXCLUSIVE*** Document Reveals Board Candidates

Torgo was leaked another document that appears to be a discussion of potential Board candidates for upcoming replacements.


Short List.

1. Top Pick. Rev. Richard M. Scrushy.

Scrushy is a master at handling large PR needs. He is also now a minister and public figure. This candidate would bring a reputable non-Catholic with phenomenal skills to the Board.

2. Rev. Al Sharpton.

It goes without mention that this minister can keep a clean history and is a powerful speaker against his opponents. Although the terms of appointment will be tricky, if possible, this appointee will bring a quell to liberal concerns and provide a weapon against detractors of the new double secret mission.

3. Jeffrey Skilling

Smart, balanced, and a graduate of fine schools, this man can handle adverse press. Though not having as much impact as the 1 and 2 picks, Skilling would bring more talents to the Board. If told that dissidents are FBI agents, this candidate has good ability to answer criticism.

Torgo is not sure what to think of the document.