Thursday, August 03, 2006


Torgo has received a note from a source close to or within or somewhere near the books of the powers that be.

Reformed aggiornamento fan, Michael Novak

is to be given keys to sit in a chair that appears to have power in the kingdom ad maioram Monaghani gloriam.

Monaghani is rumored to have said, "this is my latest and newest son in whom I am well pleased for today."

Cuey Boone commented, "he should be an excellent replacement for term limited appointments because he is well-heeled, well-trained, and obeys commands."

Richard Mentula, an expert on small cap sole proprietorships, reports that Novak is perfect because he is oblivious to law school history and promises made thereby he'll believe whatever the reformed NEW MISSION feasibility study says to do.

Novak will be in line next to Neumann at the appointing ceremony scheduled this September.

ADDED (8-8-06):

Good boy Novak barks for the NYT:

here, posing nice for the camera


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