Friday, August 18, 2006

Don't let the Door Hit You in the ...


Bernie is on a streak. In a wild show of the extreme animosity, the school shipped Professor Rice's stuff to him NEXT DAY AIR!

Torgo is still laughing. What else can one do in the face of such absurdity?

I'm sure that official line will be "we needed the space for our burgeoning faculty requirements, and the sooner we could get in that office, the sooner we could provide another office."

It's probably, to be fair, some of that, but more an element of not wanting to provide an opportunity for Professor Rice to return to the law school. After all, if he acts the way the administration does, he might be dangerous or something. Not to mention that he may actually have students and others happy to see him -- all love and dulia is to be put to Monaghani these days.

TOTAL WEIGHT: 146 lbs of love shipped with care and overnighted.

See the photos and commentary on FUMARE, click here for the post.


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