Wednesday, August 02, 2006

***EXCLUSIVE*** Document Reveals Board Candidates

Torgo was leaked another document that appears to be a discussion of potential Board candidates for upcoming replacements.


Short List.

1. Top Pick. Rev. Richard M. Scrushy.

Scrushy is a master at handling large PR needs. He is also now a minister and public figure. This candidate would bring a reputable non-Catholic with phenomenal skills to the Board.

2. Rev. Al Sharpton.

It goes without mention that this minister can keep a clean history and is a powerful speaker against his opponents. Although the terms of appointment will be tricky, if possible, this appointee will bring a quell to liberal concerns and provide a weapon against detractors of the new double secret mission.

3. Jeffrey Skilling

Smart, balanced, and a graduate of fine schools, this man can handle adverse press. Though not having as much impact as the 1 and 2 picks, Skilling would bring more talents to the Board. If told that dissidents are FBI agents, this candidate has good ability to answer criticism.

Torgo is not sure what to think of the document.


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