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Ironic Quotes Say Insert Foot.

Schaefer, Naomi, CAMPUS CRUSADE. American Enterprise; Jul/Aug2001, Vol. 12 Issue 5, p32 et seq.

Dobranski credits part of Ave Maria's success to the generosity of Monaghan and other donors, which enables the school both to be more selective and to provide large scholarships to those students who are admitted. "Most other new law schools start out at the bottom. They desperately need students because that's how you pay the bills, but schools that take anyone get a reputation for mediocrity that never goes away."

Yeah, that lack of academic freedom problem never goes away either.

Mangan, Katherine S. Ave Maria: a 'Seriously Catholic' Law School. Chronicle of Higher Education; 2/18/2000, Vol. 46 Issue 24, pA18.

As the board's chairman, Mr. Monaghan says he has no intention of getting involved in Ave Maria's curriculum. "When I owned the Detroit Tigers, I didn't climb into the dugout and tell Sparky how to set his lineup," he says, referring to the baseball team's legendary manager, Sparky Anderson.

Funny... he'll tell everyone else what to do, and, apparently, where to do it.

says the next paragraph:

Several law professors who are familiar with Mr. Monaghan find that hard to believe, however, and some predict he'll play an active, behind-the-scenes role.

really? Mr. Monaghan? Torgo cannot believe that someone would think that in 2000, before any AMC or AMSOL issues.

and from the same article:
Mr. Dobranski says everyone who has signed on to Ave Maria is taking a chance because they believe in its mission. Says the dean, "It's really a leap of faith."

Apparently, that chance they risked is not worth anything now.

Then, on ANN ARBOR:
Shawn Windsor. Domino's Pizza Complex in Ann Arbor, Mich., Will Become Home to College. Detroit Free Press (MI); 06/14/2001

Ave Maria President Nicholas Healy, [speaking about Ann Arbor]: "We're talking about one of the most noteworthy and recognizable commercial locations in the world."

Funny, Google says that, too. Healy doesn't think so anymore, and Bernie is convinced that Florida is the only place law exists outside DC, where it's rumored that he hopes to have his foundation built by Monaghan.

Mary Beth Marklein. Pizza mogul to build Catholic college -- and a town .... USA Today; 11/21/2002.

"The search for God has been eliminated from universities altogether," said Bowie Kuhn, an advisory board member of Monaghan's Ave Maria Foundation. "If God is excluded from universities, how can it possibly speak the truth?"

Note Bowie's position.


Shantee Woodards. Competition grows for Ave Maria College - Plymouth Township is up against four out-of-state sites. The Detroit News. May 10, 2002, Section: Metro Page:03D

Plymouth Township is now up against a wider pool of candidates in its efforts to attract Ave Maria College.Administrators were considering moving the campus to Ann Arbor or Plymouth townships, or possibly Naples, Fla.
Campus officials wanted to move to the Domino's Farms complex, home to about 40 corporations, professional firms and nonprofits. But the Ann Arbor Township Planning Commission rejected the required zoning changes to allow the college to move to the complex, which is at U.S. 23 and M-14.

Since then college founder Tom Monaghan has been considering a move to south Florida. Officials said they liked the region's strong Catholic community and proximity to Ave Maria College of America in Nicaragua.

But Plymouth Township officials said they want the college to remain in the area.

Hmmm. really.. Michigan just hated AMC, did it?

The Detroit News (staff). Across Wayne County. April 14, 2002. Section: Metro Page: 03B.

Hot topicsPlymouth Township: Ypsilanti's loss may be Plymouth Township's gain. Township leaders recently met with officials from Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti in hopes of persuading them to relocate to Plymouth. The conservative Catholic college, founded by Domino's Pizza guru Tom Monaghan, wants to move to nearby Ann Arbor Township, but the proposal seems shaky.

Some say it was intentionally so.

Delores Patterson. Plymouth Township woos Ave Maria College - Ann Arbor zoning may force law school to move elsewhere. The Detroit News. April 12, 2002. Section: Metro Page: 03D

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- As Ave Maria College awaits final word about moving to Ann Arbor Township, Plymouth Township has extended an invitation to build the school there.The Ann Arbor Township planning commission rejected zoning changes required to move the private Ypsilanti college to Domino's Farms complex at U.S. 23 and M-14 earlier this year.
Plymouth officials cringe at the thought of losing the academic institution to another state.

"That would be such a great loss," said Plymouth Township Supervisor Steve Mann. "We see all too often industries leave the state and we can't afford to start losing our higher education as well. If our community is able to help in any way, it would be our pleasure, including finding a location. And we think Plymouth would be a great fit for the college, since we have a large Catholic base along with Canton."

Monaghan could not be reached for comment Thursday.

A meeting between township officials and college representatives next week will explore the possibility of moving the school to the community. Other cities have expressed interest in the school, said John Petz, director of government and community relations with the Domino's Farms complex, which works with the college.

Moving to Florida is still an option, Petz said, "because there is a vibrant Catholic community in the south Florida region that is underserved. And it would put the school in close proximity to Ave Maria College of America in Nicaragua."

"Whatever happens, Tom Monaghan is very committed to Ave Maria and will do what's in the best interest of the college. We have invested a lot of time into the current plans and ultimately would like to see them become a reality, but that's up to the Ann Arbor board."

read the last quote one more time. Torgo thinks it's obviously a shift of blame. Ann Arbor is making me move to Florida.


Plymouth was bending over backwards. Tom wanted to move to Florida and made it the fault of Ann Arbor.

Finally, Torgo really likes this quote.

Del Jones. Billionaire traded materialism for true happiness. USA Today; 09/19/2005

Q: Are successful business leaders who aren't religious less honest, moral or effective?

A: Businessmen get a bum rap. Surveys show that the most religious profession is the military. Businessmen are No.2. You're not going to like this, but people in the media were at the bottom of the list.


But this quote helps figure out Monaghan's M.O. in the Ave Maria stuff as well.

A: I ran a private company without other shareholders, so I had more freedom than a lot of CEOs. It was my money. I had franchisees near college campuses who thought they were injured. It helped business more than it hurt. My mail was something like 16-to-1 in favor. For every customer I lost, I gained many.

Q: How do you explain letters 16-to-1 when polls show the country evenly divided about abortion?

A: My theory is you've got 10% of the people who were never going to buy a Domino's pizza even if they were starving to death. There were 10% who would buy my pizza because of my position. The rest couldn't care less, but the controversy was free advertising.

I don't think the free advertising is working.


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