Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pope Pius XI Slams Monaghan Prospectively as a Blasphemer

Torgo turns your attention to this thread on FUMARE which links to this opinion letter on Torgo also understands that Monaghan approached the WSJ to do a puff piece in a effort to control the damage of the stench reeking from him and his cronies these days.

Torgo noted many comments in that FUMARE thread, and read the article, but would like to harp, and Torgo means to harp on this quote until it is publicly recanted by the heretic who spoke it.

Self described in a news article on Ave
"Monaghan, a consummate Catholic who lives steadfastly by the laws of the Vatican as well as by the commandments of God, was a frequent target of liberals who openly opposed his beliefs."
(cited to Ave Maria founder Tom Monaghan is a man of faith, plans and action. Sunday, April 13, 2003. The Naples Daily News)
this description was obviously self-described language sent out in a press release because it's also here

Let's see.. consummate Catholic...who lives steadfastly by the laws of the Vatican.

According to Monaghan:
CANDIOTTI: Monaghan hopes to turn out Catholic educators who he says will take a less watered down version of the Catholic faith. He prefers a faculty that's mostly Catholic, and in his words, not mediocre. How do you define a mediocre Catholic?

MONAGHAN: A cafeteria Catholic that says they are Catholic who go to church on Easter and Palm Sunday, and probably oftentimes are pro-abortion.

CNN transcript

A cafeteria catholic is one who picks and chooses what truths to believe.


Among the idiotic quotes in the Opinion Journal piece (and Torgo will take Novak to the whipping post in a bit), is this one:

The battles between Mr. Monaghan and the Ave Maria faculties have become vitriolic. Some have even tried to unionize. When I ask if he sees a contradiction in trying to block such a move, even though unionization is supported by the Catholic Church, he says, "I think that [the church] hierarchy doesn't know as much about those things as they do about their theology."

Is he for real?

First: note how he characterizes PAPAL ENCYCLICALS: "the hierarchy" What a pompous jackass.

His logic is no different than those who justify abortion and contraception by the reasoning that "celibate priests know nothing about sex, therefore, contraception and abortion are OK." Cafeteria catholicism.

Nevertheless, Torgo will let the Successors of Peter speak for themselves, especially because POPE (no mere hierarch) Pius XI has some choice words for a jackass like Monaghan.

Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum: The most important of all [associations and organizations to aid those in distress] are workingmen's unions. (1891)


On the basis of the long period of experience, it cannot be rash to say that Leo's Encyclical has proved itself the Magna Charta upon which all Christian activity in the social field ought to be based, as on a foundation. And those who would seem to hold in little esteem this Papal Encyclical and its commemoration either blaspheme what they know not, or understand nothing of what they are only superficially acquainted with, or if they do understand convict themselves formally of injustice and ingratitude.


Poor Mr. Monaghan -- he's a blasphemer or an idiot, according to Pope Pius XI. Worse yet, Pius XI says if Monaghan does understand the encyclical and still ignores it, he "convicts [himself] formally of injustice and ingratitude."

Self study guide: read Paragraph 41 of that encyclical here.

John Paul II, Centesimus Annus:

In close connection with the right to private property, Pope Leo XIII's Encyclical also affirms other rights as inalienable and proper to the human person. Prominent among these, because of the space which the Pope devotes to it and the importance which he attaches to it, is the "natural human right" to form private associations. This means above all the right to establish professional associations of employers and workers, or of workers alone.19 Here we find the reason for the Church's defence and approval of the establishment of what are commonly called trade unions: certainly not because of ideological prejudices or in order to surrender to a class mentality, but because the right of association is a natural right of the human being, which therefore precedes his or her incorporation into political society. Indeed, the formation of unions "cannot ... be prohibited by the State", because "the State is bound to protect natural rights, not to destroy them; and if it forbids its citizens to form associations, it contradicts the very principle of its own existence"


Inalienable Right. Monaghan wants these mere hierarchs to stay out of his bedroom.

more self study: read the rest of paragraph 7 here.

more from Centesimus:

the right to express one's own personality at the work-place without suffering any affront to one's conscience or personal dignity. This is the place to mention once more the role of trade unions, not only in negotiating contracts, but also as "places" where workers can express themselves. They serve the development of an authentic culture of work and help workers to share in a fully human way in the life of their place of employment.

No wonder Monaghan doesn't like the Church meddling in his businesses.

Also, John Paul II said in Laborem exercens (1981):

All these rights, together with the need for the workers themselves to secure them, give rise to yet another right: the right of association, that is to form associations for the purpose of defending the vital interests of those employed in the various professions.

To paraphrase Bowie Kuhn (a Monaghan advisor): If Monaghan can pick and chose and shove the Popes out of Ave Maria Institutions, how can we trust him to tell the truth?

UPDATE: It is rumored that Kate O'Beirne called the papal encyclicals cited here as "fabrications of dissident malcontents intent on obstructing the will of God being worked out through Mr. Monaghan."

UPDATE 2: Novak's ghost book-writer has informed Torgo that he has been retained to respond to the upcoming thrashing he'll get. Novak is apparently still bedridden from anxiety over the fallout of his comments in NYT.

UPDATE 3: Bowie Kuhn is still wondering what is going on.


At 12:42 AM, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pardon the nitpicking, but it was Pius XI, not Paul XI, who wrote QA.

At 12:47 AM, August 20, 2006, Blogger Torgo said...


Correct you are.

Torgo would pass a beer your way, but alas, they haven't made a way to do that *yet* on broadband.

I'll correct the post immediately despite my waning night.

At 12:52 AM, August 20, 2006, Blogger Torgo said...

Indeed, the perils of late night blogging after a social event have been narrowly covered up thanks to you, anonymous.

At 1:34 PM, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love to accept the beer in person, but I'll remain anonymous so as to avoid any negative impact on my relationships with the admin, faculty, staff and students. I'm sure you understand.

At 1:57 PM, August 24, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh brother! The Church does not take a binding position on unions, Catholics are free to accept or reject unions. You need to learn.

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