Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rice Abortion is Classic Grounds for Injunctive Relief

Dobranski's escalating steps of destruction are in the realm of non-speculative damages anymore. Bernie obviously has problems with Rice, and decided to terminate the school's development with him. An allegorical murder, or just plain culture of death -- Bernie's weak reasons for firing Rice send the message that Catholic leaders eliminate their nuisances in the same way Planned Parenthood coaches couples to end theirs.

The abortion metaphor aside, even middle-ground critics of Original Mission proponents must now concede that Monaghan and Dobranski are destroying AMSOL because they are making a new school with a new mission. These borderline commentors who are slwo to form opinions must now form an solid opinion because the damages have changed in character.

By firing Rice, there is real damage to the faculty composition, but also to the student enrollment and future marketability of the school.

Traditionally, courts grant injunctive relief where a petitioner would suffer "irreparable harm" otherwise. The normal route of avoiding injunctive relief is for the court to recite that the harm stated by the petitioner is speculative. Real and immediate effects, however, are never speculative.

Thus far, Dobranski and Monaghan have been disassembling the Catholic institution of Ave Maria School of Law. Certain actions have spoken louder than others, but a consistent plot has been developing that reveals a plan to remove any person in the institution that speaks an iota of doubt in the soundness of the single-minded plan to transfer AMSOL to Florida.

Until now, some people have characterized the reporting of these events and the statements of effect to be merely speculation or colored with dissent. These people thought it was a matter of opinion where reasonable minds could diverge.

Not so anymore -- there's real damage now. You slow to form opinion folks must take note that the game has changed as of now.

Torgo, your faithful blogger, wants to point out that it's no longer speculation -- but actual immediate damage is being done to the school. By firing Rice, there is real damage to the faculty composition, but also to the student enrollment. Reasonable minds may diverge as to how long it would take to recover -- 10, 20, 30 years, but it's real and immediate.

Torgo does not have exact numbers as of yet. By kicking Rice out, Dobranski has also kicked out students most aligned to the mission, and alienated the school from its target prospective recruits. It's already been reported that an incoming enrolled student left because of Rice.

If the mission of the school is to provide an environment that exposes students to the elements of Catholic teaching and the law, as well as to help form students in the Catholic faith -- if the top manager cannot publicly act consistent with that mission and isn't, many people are wondering if the school can carry out its mission at all.

A damage count will be sure to follow, but even sideline commentators will notice that firing Rice ripped a good chunk out of the school.

Several top of class students that would otherwise be going into the 2L class, including the top of class and a few others selected for law review are transferring to other schools. Thanks, Bernie.

Way to go Bernie! Show everybody that real Catholics destroy problems and manage with the contraceptive mentality. Way to act consistent with the mission of the school! Which school is the question -- it obviously wasn't consistent with the mission of Ave Maria School of Law.


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